Utah Tobacco Retailer Education Guide

The Utah Tobacco Retailer Education Guide will help you prevent individuals younger than 21 from having access to tobacco products, electronic cigarette products, and nicotine products.

This guide has tips for managers and employees to keep tobacco products and e-cigarettes out of the hands of youth. The guide also contains information about tobacco laws and local health department contacts.

The Utah Tobacco Retailer Guide and training is an approved employee training program (Utah Code § 26B-7-519).

Download the revised May 2021 Retailer Ed Guide PDF

This guide is divided into four parts:

  1. Overview: A guide for tobacco retail employees, managers, and owners about many relevant laws that apply to their business and the sale of tobacco products, electronic cigarette products, and nicotine products. It includes information about potential civil and criminal penalties if employees or owners sell to individuals younger than 21.

  2. Employee Section: A guide for employees that can be used at the time of new-hire orientation, and for ongoing training and education. It includes a quiz to test your understanding of training materials.

  3. Owner/Manager Section: Tips for creating a tobacco policy and ideas on how to reinforce employee training. It provides answers to commonly asked questions, answers to the employee quiz, and information on where to go if you need more help and support.

  4. Resources Section: Includes documents you can use with your employees and shows what resources (posters, window clings, and dated register stickers) are available to you at no charge.


The Utah Tobacco Retail Education Guide includes a short quiz to show how much you know about preventing the sale of tobacco products, electronic cigarette products, and nicotine products to individuals younger than 21. The answers can be found in the Utah Tobacco Retailer Guide.

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Proof of tobacco training document

This document verifies the employee has received training and understands the state laws and store’s policy regarding tobacco. It can be used to confirm training in a civil hearing process, as per Utah Code § 26B-7-519. It can also be adapted to meet your store’s specific needs and policies.

Download Proof of Tobacco Retailer Training Document PDF


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